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foreign minister of india shusma_swaraj and john_kerry from america.

finally an excellent decision taken by two great powers of world. it will integrate the security powers, peaceful efforts as well as mutual understanding between both the nations . the big requirement of time is that all nation (who want peace ) have to come together to fight with rapidly growing negative powers like terrorism.

Tia Feriha-6

(In the bus)
“Guys, After parent’s meeting, we’ll go to meet him (Harsh),” Ayan said. “Yeah, I will come. Sakshi, you?!” Mayra said. “Yeah, done,” Sakshi said. “And you, Tia?” Mayra said. “Me? but he doesn’t know me, na.” Tia said. “Yes you, After looking at you, he will forget about Misha, Miss gorgeous. I swear! ” Ayan giggled. “Aayu..?! Tia, you should come with us. Now you too are a part of our group,” Mayra said. “Okay, I will come,” Tia said.
( At Tia’s home)
“How was your first day, my angel ?” Grandpa asked Tia. “It was awesome, grandpa,” Tia said.
She placed her bag on the sofa and ran towards her granny’s room. “Where are you, my princess? Your angel wants a hug, ” Tia said and embraced her granny. “Okay, okay, relax… oh god! You are such a mad girl.” Granny said and smiled. “Yes, I’m, But only for you, my princess” Tia hugged her more tightly. “What about your new school? have you made some friends or not ?” Granny said. “You know me better than I know myself, plus you always say that you can read my face. so prove it, ” Tia said. ” Challenge accepted. Come here ” Granny pulled her hand to sit next to her. “Ummm… oh my god! Yes! You made some friends and your day was too good .right? ” Granny said. “C’mon, Granny, I’m not a kid. I’m smiling, so anyone can guess. As you did.” Tia said.
“Hahaha… Okay, You win. Now go and change your uniform,” Granny said. ” Alright, princess,” Tia said.
(After lunch)
She was standing in front of the mirror. ( Wheatish complexion, height approx 5 feet 5 inches, long brown hair touching her waist and of course her mesmerizing eyes. she was stunning ). “What are you doing?” Granny asked. ” He said, I’m gorgeous. Am I?” Tia said.
she was lost in thoughts
“What?? You okay?? ” Granny said. ” No..nothing.I should go now. I have to complete my homework,” Tia said. She was trying to change the topic.
“Yes, You are gorgeous! But who is he? ” Granny said. She was continuously staring at her. “What?.. Okay, fine, He is Ayan. My new friend. he is mad,” Tia said without looking at Granny. ” Ooooooh..” Granny said. she was trying to tease her. “Stop it, Granny. you know me, I’m not too fond of these types of stupid things. ” Tia said and ran towards her room.
( Next day. After meeting)
“Okay, Let’s go, guys, ” Sakshi said. ” No, wait a minute. Aman is also coming with us, ” Ayan said. “Sorry, guys! Come on, let’s go,” Aman said. ” Where were you? ” Ayan said. ” You know, buddy, Having a cute GF is the dream of most boys in this world. But when it comes to handling them, God! It’s too much difficult. For example, saumya. You are a lucky man that you are away from this stuff.” Aman said and smiled. ” Yeah! At least I can do whatever I want ” Ayan laughed.
( At Harsh’s home)
Ayan said to Harsh’s dad, ” Hello, uncle! Where is Harsh?!”. ” Hello ! He is upstairs, In his room,” He said. He called her daughter Prachi to take them to Harsh’s room.
A hall size room, Painted with royal blue color paints. The white ceilings were fabulous. The whole room was decorated with precious paintings, Lights, and photographs. A boy was lying on the bed, staring at that pretty ceilings. He was Harsh.
” Hi, Maddy! Wassup? ” Sakshi said. ” Hey! ..Hi, you all? .. Wow.” Harsh said. He was smiling and was acting as nothing had happened. “Yeah, We all come to meet you,” Mayra said. “Thanks a lot, guys. I was thinking about you all, ” Harsh said.
“How are you feeling now? ” Ayan asked. “better,” Harsh said and took a deep breath. Suddenly he looked at Tia and asked Mayra, “Who is she?”. Tia was starring at him like she was trying to recall something from her back days.
Sakshi said, “She is our new friend…”. ” I think I know you, ” Tia almost shouted. Everyone looked at her.
Harsh said, ” Sorry dear, but…”. ” Where is the fairy ?” Tia said. Harsh was shocked. He almost jumped on his bed and replied, ” in the sky .” I want to catch her ” Tia continued . ” But she loves to fly, ” Harsh said and burst into a laugh.
“Oh my god! I can’t believe you are here. Pinch me! ” He said . ” aauchch! Oh yes, my choco cookie is here ” harsh laughed. “Harshu, Call me Tia. Understood! ” Tia said.
Everyone was shocked. Harsh said, ” Relax, guys. She is my friend. “

Tia Feriha-5

The bell rang once again, and everyone took their seats.
During the fourth period, the bell rang twice for the lunch break.
Miss Sujata ended the topic and walked to clean the board. While Adjusting her bag on her shoulder, she said, “the rest of this we will complete in the next class .”Everyone nodded in response.
(In the ground)

“Sakshi, what were you talking about harsh that time? You were saying Ridhi and Ashi told you something about him, right?!” Mayra asked Sakshi. “Yes, dear, if you will listen to what they were talking about him, you will be shocked,” Sakshi replied.
Her excitement and facial expressions always justified why some guys used to call her ‘gossip queen .’I think She owns the title. She came closer to Mayra and said in a murmuring voice, “Last night, he tried to cut his veins .”What” Mayra shouted. “Yes! according to police, harsh had almost cut the veins of his hand,” Sakshi said. “But why??.. Why was he doing that?” Mayra asked.
“Who is harsh?” Tia asked in amazement. “He is our classmate, such a psycho he is,” Sakshi said.
“Where is Ryan? he has not yet come, ” Mayra said. “I’m here. Mayra was waiting for Aman. God! he and his girl, both are silly,” Ayan said. “Aayu, did you hear about harsh?” Mayra asked. “Yes! I’m surprised. What’s wrong with him?!!.” Ayan said with disappointment.
“Mayra, may I say something?” Sakshi said. Mayra and Ayan both turned towards her. “I think harsh has done that shit because of Misha …. not sure…just..guessing,” Sakshi said in hesitated voice. “Misha? the girl in Sec B ?!” Mayra asked. “Yes, Mayra, I too heard such stuff about her, and harsh,” Ayan said.
“But committing suicide is a crime, no?!” Tia, listening to the whole conversation, carefully said in a sympathetic tone. All eyes turned to Tia.
“C’mon, Tia. We are not discussing law and orders here. we are talking about our friend .” Sakshi said.
Tia realized her lousy timing. ” Sorry,” Tia said. ” It’s okay, dear. Please don’t mind, we all are worried about him, so… not your fault .” Mayra said.
She had all the qualities that a leader should have.
( The bell rang)
“Okay, guys, we will talk about this later,” Mayra said.
At the end of the sixth period, the peon entered the class. “Attention students, I’m here to inform you all about the parents-teachers meeting, which will be held on the 9th of April. It means tomorrow. Send your parents to attend the meeting at 10:30 am”.

Tia Feriha-4

“C’mon, go, go to your classes, ” Driver uncle said.
“Oh shit! I forgot to ask you the most important question.” Mayra said. “What?” Tia asked . “so which section you got ?” Mayra asked a second question in reply. “Section A, ” Tia said.
“Section A” Mayra and Ayan both shouted together and looked at each other with amazement. “Yes .. SecA, is there any problem with sec A ?!” Tia said.
Her eyebrows got shrunk for a while. The lines that appeared on her forehead were enough to say that she was afraid.
“Yes, there is some problem. There is some good news and some bad news for you” Ayan laughed. “Ayan, please, look at her face. Tia relax! There is nothing to be afraid of. we are also in sec A .” Mayra said. “Good news is you are in Mayra’s sec, and the bad news is that I’m also in sec A to irritate you,” Ayan said.
“No, you are not that bad, ” Tia said. “Ok, let’s go. We are getting late, guys.” Mayra said.
(In the class)
“Hi Mayra, Wassup? Do you know what Ridhi and Ashi told me about Harsh? ..by the way, Who is she??!” She has completed the whole in one breath and then looked at Tia. Mayra pulled her by hand and said to Tia. “She is…”. “Sakshi, the gossip queen,” Ayan giggled and stopped Mayra in the middle of her sentence. “Ayan, what is this?!” Sakshi gave him a dirty look. ” Leave him, sweetie, meet her. She is Tia. Our new classmate,” Mayra said.
“Hi Tia, myself Sakshi. ” Sakshi said. “Hi,” Tia replied.
The bell rang. Everyone took their seats. Mr. Gosh entered the classroom. A man with fair complexion, average height approx 5 feet 6 inches. I thought he had never smiled in his whole life. That was why the classroom, appearing like a fish market a few minutes ago, suddenly changed into a well-maintained church with a needle drop silent.
“Open your books,” He ordered in a loud voice and checked the class at a glance to confirm everybody was following.
That time He seemed like a robot working on the programs fitted in it.
“Mr. Ayan, would I have to send you an invitation card to say that I wanted you to open your books?!” Mr .gosh said in an irritated tone. “Sorry, sir,” Ayan said.
Everyone turned towards him and then to Mr. Gosh.
“Today, we will learn about atoms, and it’s structure,” Mr. Gosh announced.
Everyone was looking at the board and sometimes at Mr.gosh in the entire class. His behavior so many times confused me, was the orga or mecha?. But probably he was orga, because I saw Him in the teacher’s room while taking his lunch. Some students also used to call Him Mr. Ghost on his back.
After the class. “what were you doing, Aayu? You know na He is Mr. Ghost,” Mayra said. “Calm down, miss Maya. He is gone now.”.Ayan said.

Tia Feriha-3

(The bus driver again blew the horn)

Tia woke up from her dream. She was looking at the door.

“Ayan is such a lazy guy, the clock without battery will show you the right time at least once in a day, but he can never be here on time,” Mayra said. 

Bus Driver burst into a laugh, and everybody joined him.

“Sorry driver uncle.” A voice turned everyone’s attention toward the door. He is ayan , the most popular guy of St.xaviers. “Where were you ayan baba? We are already late,” the Driver uncle said.

“Well,sb bhgwaan ki MAYA hai. Hey Maya! wassup?!” Ayan teased Mayra. “Don’t call me Maya, understood?!” Mayra shouted. “Hahaha ..ok, miss Mayra,” Ayan said.

He stepped toward the back seat and returned with the same speed.

“Hello miss..gorgeous..yes..gorgeous.what’s your name?!” Ayan said. “She is Tia, ” Mayra replied on behalf of Tia. “Lovely name, just like you, pretty girl,” Ayan said.

“aayu, stop flirting with her. she is different,” Mayra said. “U know her?” Ayan asked. “No, She is new here,” Mayra said. “Yet you know that She is different? hahaha..guys, Mayra knows everything.” Ayan laughed.

“Leave her, yaar. Trust me. You are damn pretty,” Ayan continued.

Tia was already nervous about the new challenges She would have to face in her new school, and now these kinds of stuff. she felt irritated. ” Excuse me,” Tia said.

“Ok, ok, enough is enough, now get back to your seat Aayu,” Mayra said.

” You don’t need to worry about him. He is crazy. He is just fun-loving and my childhood friend too.” Mayra said to Tia.

Ayan laughed.

“Be comfortable, miss gorgeous. I was kidding,” Ayan said to Tia and passed her a water bottle. “No, it’s ok, I’m fine” Tia refuses to take the bottle.

She gave a shy smile to Mayra. Maybe, She wanted to thank her for the growing friendship between her and Mayra.

(The bus entered the parking lot of St.xaviers.)

Tia feriha -2

”Yes,” Tia replied.

She is continuously thinking about her old school. The classroom, the teachers, and malee kaka, Tia was familiar to everyone there.

“Now a new school, new teachers and new students. Everything will be new .finger’s cross! please, god, save me!” She said in a murmuring voice.

In her old school, Isha was her best friend. After school time, their favorite job was to hang out with Vashudha aayi.

A special bonding wire connected tia and Isha, and whenever this wire needed maintenance, it was done by vashudha aayi.

Vashudha aayi owned a coffee shop between Tia’s house and Isha’s apartment.

Because of Vashudha aayi’s loving nature, Isha and Tia always came to her coffee shop.

In 8th standard, Isha joined Tia’s school. This was the time when their traditional friendship converted into the best friendship.

Both girls were different by nature, by behavior, and by habits. But that difference wasn’t seen in their pure friendship.

Vashudha aayi’s love for them also couldn’t be explained in words. She always loved them like a mother.

Aayi didn’t have her child. So maybe, it was the reason behind her unconditional love for Isha and Tia.

Aayi’s chocolate cookies were famous in nearby areas at that time. (I was also a big fan of her chocolate cashew cookies ).

She thought, ‘maybe Aayi was adding an extra flavor of her love in her delicious cookies. That’s why they were different and special in taste than other chocolate cookies.’

tia feriha 1

A beautiful collaboration of sunshine and dancing trunks of trees made her day …
She was so much excited about her new school. After scoring 96% on her 10th board, she decided to do her intermediate by science stream.
She is the only child of her parents and the luckiest child loved by two parents .yes, two, her granny and grand paa love her more than they love their child.
it’s her first day in class, so she doesn’t want to be late .” tia, where are you” her mum said. “I’m here in granny’s room, “tia said. “breakfast is ready. Come to the table and call grandpa and your father too,” her mum said.”yes, mum, “Tia said and started arranging her notes in the pink bag that one granny gifted her on her last birthday. At the table, they all were waiting for tia . “sorry everyone for being late, “tia said and picked a sandwich. peppp..!peppp..! the bus driver blew horn . “coming.! bye everyone, love you, granny, “tia said.
On the bus . “who is she ?” someone asked the girl sitting just behind tia’s place . “hi, myself, Mayra! and you?”Mayra said. Tia turned back and waved her hand. She replied, “me, tia. ”
New student? I never saw you before on the school campus.

Being confident

Sometimes we’ll feel irritated about losing control of our own life.
We need to think and stop making those mistakes we have made in our back days…
Being honest